Niggas Gonna Nig Crakkkas Gonna Crack and Undercovers Gonna Undercover

This was one crazy ass day!

First off, some crakkka beast cop decided to tell me to “put a shirt on.” I was like, “Bitch, you know I got a federal lawsuit going on, right?” 

 I hope somebody End of Watch your crusty ass, bitch!

Here are the two tapes of my chasing him below:

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Then, second, I had another officer roll the fuck up, and then just, I don’t what he was doing, but you can check it out, here:

THEN, a fucking NIGGER BEAST ape decided to start some shit with me, with his kids in toe, telling me to put on a shirt (my friend claimed he gave me a dirty look and I told her to just ignore that shit from now on. It comes with the territory. Unless they say OR do something out of turn, don’t pay any attention to them. Niggas are gonna nig and that is what the nigger beast HERE did down below:

Speaking of which, this ole wetback, undercover cop ass with these donated Rayban’s and his military crew cut was staring at me across the street, possibly for – more than likely for surveillance. I didn’t mind. Let him look at me:

Anyways, to all of you out there, now you know I hate EVERYONE: good day!

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