POS Scrubs Trying To Use Me For My Knowledge AND Spiritual Abilities

I don’t know why people fuck with Abaddon but they ALWAYS pay a price… I been wanting to do this… A while back I came across this buck tooth carrot rabbit looking ass creature right here (here her facebook – I shoulda known something was off and you’ll say the same when you see her fuck boi book too: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008229339395) …WHO CAME under the disguise of a spiritual “friend” to use me for my knowledge (I SHOULDA KNOWN something was up cause from her aura I thought it was an emo dude – I envisioned a thin white boy [the

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Fat Outta Shape Crakkkaroach Tries To Get With Me And Gets Dissed

I’m sorry he kinda look like a pretty ass girl… I’m sorry but most white BOIS do! This nigga a shapeshifter. With each change of his facial expressions he looks like a different person. Ya’ll gotta watch this video… This shit funny. Imma repost here cause we know youtube ALWAYS taking people’s videos down: I’m surprised his fat ass didn’t kill that bike or can even ride a bike with his fat ass, walrus bad built demonic crakkkaroach ass self. I think he related to deputy Thieme cause they both FAT ASS CRACKERS: http://toplessinla.org/2017/10/19/black-woman-sexually-assaulted-by-deputy-konrad-thieme-of-the-lost-hills-los-angeles-sheriffs-department/ I had to cuss this bitch

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