Was This An Illuminati Recruitment Dream

Basically, you can listen here: Without giving too much away, I was told the celebs, “stars” could do whatever they want and one of the celebs I saw was an inhuman monstrosity named Rich Piana (I just found out this man died. May he R.I.P.): https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rich_Piana

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

You wanna know WHY you can never get anywhere in life… You do all the right things you’re supposed to: you are nice (practically a doormat), good hearted and kind. You go outta your way to help those in need but yet YOU are the one who lives in a bed full of pins and […]

What I Like About Being A Dark Satanic Witch

Yeah, I know I’m BLACK 😉 But that’s not what I am referring to when I say “dark…”   To make a long story short for the longest time I have always been a “good” person – not a nice person – nice people are living doormats who are always getting stepped on by the […]