LAPD Officer Mike Siordia Works With Illegal Tow Truck Drivers At 8306 Wilshire Blvd And LAPD Covers It Up?

[videe_widget width=640 height=480 autosize=false autoplay=false loop=false volume=100 thumbnail= mute=false async=true background=true videoId=112615] That is the query! I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. That said, the crookedness of the LAPD Wilshire division station just shows more and more and that is probably why they hated me during my time as a copwatcher because […]

Watch My New Youtube Channel The Topless Coparazzi

  I’m sorry, here is the whole screenshot:   You’ve know me as the The Topless Mechanic (Actually, as HH83 as affectionately known by the cops or TheHappyHooker83 🙂 but that’s a story for another time… But now you will know me as the Topless Coparazzi, going around and exposing police brutality by videotaping them as […]

Topless Female Copwatches 16 LAPD and LAFD Officers For One Sick Male

This one was funny and showed my “quirky” side like most of em: I caught a bunch of cops – while trying to check out me of course 😉 – stand there and try to help while fending off the “advances” of a gentleman – meaning advances in him trying to KICK THEIR ASSES THAT […]