Is The Illuminati Pushing Transgenderism and Homosexuality To Bring Back Ancient Roman Practice of Human Sacrifice

The sense I get is that allll this push towards homosexuality, transgenderism, etc. is designed as a way to return us back to the days of Ancient Greece where these behaviors along with bestiality, pedophilia and ultimately – HUMAN SACRIFICE – were accepted. Here is why: Okay, what made me write this is because while […]

The Illuminati DOES NOT Worship Lucifer Satan They Worship Moloch

I need you IDIOTS who buy into that shit to look here at some of the wikileaks emails associated with some of your big POLITRICKIANS involved in the child sacrifice/ child rape “#pizzagate” ATROCITY: HERE IS ONE MENTION OF SACRIFICING A CHILD TO MOLOCH(“chicken” as used here is euphemism for CHILD as is used amongst […]