Joel Hipps Attempts To Send Poltergeists My and My Family’s Way

Joel Hipps Attempts To Send Poltergeists My and My Family’s Way

Joel Hipps, as seen in an astral vision of kids they possibly sacrificed, were meant to be sent towards me and my family to devastate us.

I also heard Barbara Jo Hipps astral demonic associate, the entity attachment known as Barbara, say that since she could no longer haunt me (I killed a false Soul contract stating the Hipps can harass me as long as I drink), that she was “gonna continue to haunt me and make my life hell.”

That said all night I heard what sounded like a wraith with a multitude of discombobulated voices coming toward me, being controlled by Michael O Terrence’s avatar, an evil being that masquerades as “archangel michael”, “pallet numbre” etc. an evil demon that is a giant head that looks like this:

– This was a power avatar stolen from my baby brother, Bryan, who was placed in a BAD part of the astral along with my grandmother, Dorothy:

As I write, my head feels stiff and too hefty cause it is so full of these astral parasites and their consciousnesses……. I can barely walk or sit straight.

That said I recall during a reading with Joel Hipps that he wanted everyone to be fake happy, a sign of someone who practices evil shit behind closed doors and, like anti gun laws, don’t want you to be armed with black magic as a gun in case they attack!

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