Proof My Curses WORK And People Admiring Me

Before I get into the cursing part, let me show ya a phrase somebody left on the porta potty wall in Malibu: Notice he used “mexicant”! THAT’S MG PHRASE I’VE USED IN SOME OF MY VIDEOS!!! Means people watching me and I think, fuck it – I KNOW some mugs come out here just to see me! That said, remember this hoe here: Wakanda Trailer Park Resident Starts Some SHIT With Me I FUCKED UP HER SCHITT USING MY WITCHCRAFT OR SHALL I SAY – bitchcraft! Now, my work IN THIS CASE wasn’t as commendable as Jamila who nearly set

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Why It’s Mostly Men Who Wanna Fight Me Over The Topless Thing I Do

Just today I heard this ole cowardly ass Australian crakkkaroach on a bike shout some shit about, “I wish you would leave” while I was feeling HIGH which I discuss here: How Bianural Past Life Regressions Got Rid of My Alcohol Addiction UPDATE: I FOUND THE IDENTITY OF HIS ASS AND DISCUSS IT HERE: Identity of Australian Asshole Who Shouted To Me To Get Out REVEALED – Anyways, bitch, I wish you would! I’ll take your ass down under, bitch… into a grave you cowardly ass faggot kangaroo fucking hoe! – Imma stick that rusty ass dumbbell up your ass

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