Changing My Air Filter Topless In Front of the FBI Building

This is something I did the other day:     IT WAS FUCKING HOT THAT DAY, and basically to my chagrin I found out that the belt around the alternator was missing (I wonder if when I got taken into custody in Malibu if bikers took it down?), the serpentine belt which you can see […]

Was This An Illuminati Recruitment Dream

Basically, you can listen here: Without giving too much away, I was told the celebs, “stars” could do whatever they want and one of the celebs I saw was an inhuman monstrosity named Rich Piana (I just found out this man died. May he R.I.P.):

Shadow Persons Speaks On Film

I don’t know if you heard it but I heard the shit loud and clear…   While filming in a locale I CAN TELL is teemibg with ghost/spirit/interdimensional activity which I exposed here: I heard what I could only conclude was a “male” voice saying: “Shesssh – something” with an “S” – I couldn’t […]

Hairless Women and The Pedophile Agenda

I won’t say too much but watch the video: It started with the suppression of hair on women. That said watch this video down below and look at the vid from 5:52 to 6:12 and tell me the reporter is not only NOT sympathizing but caping for legalization of this SHIT: Here are pictures of […]

MakeUp Sexual Harassment And The Transgender Transhuman Agenda

Here is a video I did expounding on it at full lenght: Basically, I pointed out how to over excessive use of makeup which turns women from human to practically TRANSHUMAN (pun intended) where women are looking like cyborgs, practically robots (below is a great example of how instagram/instant-hoe [insta-hoe] filters are leading the way!!!!): […]


That said, remember this video here: In which the public defender can be heard TELLING ME UNDER NO UNCERTAIN TERMS THAT THEY DO NOT HAVE THE ADDRESS OF THE PERSON I AM SUPPOSED TO PAY RESTITUTION TO? (At one point OFF CAMERA he suggested I PAY TO THE ALREADY EGREGIOUSLY WEALTHY JUDGE!!!!)! Not only that […]