My Encounter With The Night Mare Tikbalang

It’s where the term “Nightmare (Night + Mare = horse) comes from. Watch here:

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  1. Hello beautiful woman! You seem to be experiencing a lot of the same encounters as I have since the beginning. Glad to have somehow stumbled upon your site. You’re right, they are real and damn if there isn’t a lot of them of so many varieties. If they could cause us the harm many of them want to cause they would. Since they don’t it’s apparent that they can’t. For the most part anyway. Hey. If you’re ever around Austin TX it would be cool to meet you. No, not trying to get with you. I have a few friends who are empaths like me. Could have more. I’ve experienced this sort of thing since infanthood. Maybe because I’m Irish and my parents are empath “witches”. Whatever. Love you.

    1. I DON’T CARE IF YOU LIKE ME, TAKE YOUR WHITE ASS OFF OF HERE AND OTHER BLACK SPACES AND STICK WITH YOUR OWN KIND! I don’t like you mofos and don’t want you here… and I got your I.P.

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