Angel Sighted In The Sky Over Miracle Mile Los Angeles During Total Lunar Eclipse September 28 2015

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Here is the video:


┬áHere are the pictures…

Angel-6-RedAngel-Pic Angel-6 Angel-5




Angel-4 Angel-3 Angel-2




This was for real! I don’t know what it was trying to say as I do not believe in the existence of angels in xtian theological sense – I believe that they called angels back then were really aliens since that is what folk with a simple understanding of the world could equate them to at the time and if you look at depictions of the alien race, the Anunnaki – who created ancient Sumer, the first human civilization – note how they are depicted with wings down below:


I don’t know if this was HARP, or chemtrails but I do know I saw a triangular shaped ufo with red lights underneath earlier in the week last week on Tuesday, October 20, 2015. I do know I saw something odd on the side of the moon as well as it taking on a hexagonal shape with a black, box like thing on the side but I know something weird is going on and, no, it is NOT the end of the world (how many times has that been predicted and the prediction dates have come and gone without a damn thing happening).

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