I Stand Behind the BLACK Women’s Topless Movement

The white bitches are already starting….   Now this is the topless rights movement I am getting behind….   Here is the link to the article here: http://fusion.net/story/137976/say-her-name-topless-protesters/ Here is a link to THEIR twitter: https://twitter.com/blackoutcollect   Not the one as profiled here by ole racist ass Vice magazine (whom you can see from this screenshot here […]

Bald Headed Bugga Bat Chicago Cop Alminko Hota Calls Black Woman the N Word on Youtube

FUCKING DUMB ASS CLUCKERBEAST I mean, if you’re gonna say shit and BE IN THAT PROFESSION, AT LEAST COVER UP YOUR FUCKING SCREEN NAME AND DOX, DUMBASS! Anyways, last week I noticed this mofo with his gorgeous mail order bride had the nerve to make the misogynist and RACIST comments which you can see below […]

Watch My New Youtube Channel The Topless Coparazzi

  I’m sorry, here is the whole screenshot:   You’ve know me as the The Topless Mechanic (Actually, as HH83 as affectionately known by the cops or TheHappyHooker83 🙂 but that’s a story for another time… But now you will know me as the Topless Coparazzi, going around and exposing police brutality by videotaping them as […]