Possible Illegal Prostitute Owner of Bea Flowers on 1290 La Brea Blvd In LA Calls Topless Black Woman the N Word

No wonder this racist, skank, illegal BITCH got punched in her face by a BLACK WOMAN  while back, which you can see here: This nasty POSSIBLY ILLEGAL skank here: …had the NERVE to call the police on me for bearing my breasts in public, despite obviously catering to the street walker clientele who prostitutes on […]

Nasty Ass UNNATURAL Dyke Lesbian Threatens to Call Cops on Topless Women On Hauser Blvd

Here is the bitch’s license plate (which is CA 6RTY574) here for any MAN here interested in “straightening” this DYKE THING OUT, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, LOL by giving her that “D”, maybe perhaps unconsensually 🙂 :             Now, anyone who knows me knows how I feel about […]

Visit My New New Youtube Channel: The Topless Mechanic

I like to work on cars….     Soooo…..   …I merged together my “love” – fuck it – NECESSITY with being topless on a hot, sunny day with working on my Pontiac G5 2008 (I started this channel mainly because nobody else was showing how to work on this type of car on youtube). […]

Harassed by Crate & Barrel Batty Boi and the Mental Illness That Is Homosexuality and Transgenderism

*NOTE: I DON’T THINK IT’S A MENTAL ILLNESS BUT IF YOU COME AT ME MORALIZING AND YOU SKATING ON MORAL THIN ICE YOUR DAMNSELF – I’M CALLING YOU OUT!! Now, before I go into my rant on gays, trannies, etc. I just want to start off the topic that kinda started it (well, my thoughts […]

Going for a Topless Walk Around My Neighborhood In Mid Wilshire

Here is the highlight of my jogging experience while TOPLESS:     The highlight of my morning right here: When I am topless and spend my day jogging or working out (Thursday is my designated work out, walk around/ job day) I usually go from Hauser Blvd to around near the LACMA museum/ LaBrea Tar […]