Film Footage of the First False Arrest By LAPD For Being Topless and Female In Public

Here is finally released film footage of the first false arrest at the hands of LAPD Officers Morrow, Noble along with others, including Sgt. Morse (who is presumably off camera and can not be seen cause I saw him for the majority of time while I was in the cop car, waiting to be ushered […]

Ain’t This Some BS: LAPD Lets Crazy Man Be Topless But Arrests Topless Women

Look at this shit right here: LAPD let this man directly across the street from them be topless, but not I…. Ain’t that some bs and a gender based, slut shaming SHAME!

Sexual Harassment by L.A. City Construction Subcontractors

These guys here: …have the rape mentality What do I mean? Well, when you go to watch the tape:   you will hear them say such things as, “Well, you are bringing attention to yourself (for being BARELY topless on a hot summer day, wearing PASTIES I might add)”, or as another said, “You ain’t […]

Federal Injunction Filed Against LAPD By Topless Female

Here in this video, I talk about filing my federal injunction against the LAPD… I am so proud of myself. It took me a while – close to a month – to study what I needed to study to get this thing through, and now it is finally going through… Here in this video, I […]

Black Americans are the True Natives of America

Happy topless 4th of July!! Here are some pics of me during the 4th of July! Don’t I just look like I belong in a “bush”, lol!             I just wanna take the time, the day out to say THANKS to this “great” country of ours, for lifting the land from […]