LAPD Wilshire Community Police Station Bomb Anthrax Threat EXCLUSIVE

These mofos stay getting attacked, lol! First, it was the shooting way back in – what was it, April 7, 2014 and now this!! Oh yes, before then, there was another shooting back in 2013. Lol! Son of a Bitches!

My Response to LAPD Wilshire Community Police Station Shooting LAPD April 7, 2014

Here is my response to the LAPD Wilshire Community Police station shooting:     Here is my second response (this one was even funnier and taken before this one, kinda sort of 😉 Read news article here: I am not too surprised that this happened to the Wilshire community police station, the same one in […]

Hypocrisy in How LAPD Treats Nude Males vs Topless Females

This video points out the starking contrast, reality between how LAPD treats a suspect accused of nudity in public (which is not illegal by the way) vs someone, a womyn like myself, who is merely topless and is not exposing any private parts – such as a pussy or dick, which is not illegal and […]

False Detainment by LAPD Officer Timothy Estevez

This video pretty much tells it… The officers involved were: Estevez (badge no. 36886), Deckel (badge no. 41400) and Sgt. Morse (badge no. 41400). This comes on the heels of my first false arrest in which Sgt. Morse – who was involved in the first arrest and was instrumental in having me locked up on […]

LAPD Attempts To Illegally Arrest Woman For Being Topless in L.A.

Notice how the two bitches were smirking while looking at me topless – all the while, with that young, peanut head lil boy there telling me to “put a shirt on, put a shirt on…” You know, the young male hispanic officer who was harassing me.   You will hear it all on tape!   […]

Sexual Harassment by LASD or CalTrans Malibu Volunteer Employee

I don’t know WHAT department this lil nigga works for, but I just know he did it! Just this past weekend, I was the victim of sexual harassment. I was the victim of sexual harassment by this lil nigga right here:   Now, before I get into details, I know I may sound “politically incorrect” […]