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Nasty Fat White Degenerate Dog Fucking Dog Haired NeandeRAPE Gets CURSED Out and Run Off By Me

This bitch had the nerve not to fucking budge ole arrogant ENTITLED ass caveape (that’s why I don’t like they asses)! You don’t play that game that ya’ll play with Mexican(T)s with us! I’ll knock the fuck outta your ass or do worse… As I said here I been BODYING crakkkas in the spirit realm: – Ya’ll the easiest mofos to get. Stop fucking with me. I don’t talk to these people! I cursed his neandeRAPE white crakkka honkkkey ass out, letting him know the time and the day: – You can see that fucking nasty smarmy perveted ass WHITE

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The Occult Symbolism Behind The Crucifixion Wounds and Heart of Jesus

Let me break it down… Remember how I said how the Demiurge is the nemesis of humankind here, how it doesn’t want us to emerge and come into our own spiritual power, evolve into our own Divine Feminine Source energy thus becoming the true gods which the archons aka aliens and reptilians are programmed to stop which I discuss here: …Well (I HATE to use the image of crakkka christ aka cesare borgia as an example though honestly Jesus Christ I sense – and based on the words of some psychics – NEVER EXISTED)… LOOK AT THE HANDS WHILE THE

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When White People Say I Got An Evil Vibe To Me

I send them demons RIGHT YOIR WAY, BITCH! I realize that crakkkaroachés™ telling me that, “They feel an evil energy around me” is ANOTHER WAY of saying, “You an angry black womban. (Like I am supposed to give a fuck about your opinion).” Well, bitch, come get these angry demons then, bitch! – You got that (spiritual) work! That’s why you pissed!

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Proof My Curses Work

Read it… That’s how powerful I am! I can get you through a computer screen ::witch’s cackle:: That said, I AM VERY POWERFUL! I AM ALSO VERY VINDICTIVE! Tread lightly with me – don’t fuck with me, ESP. you crakkkaroaches and some spic and spans cause MANY OF YOU ARE NOT PROTECTED AND I KNOW IT! I got better examples; but my spirit guides are telling me to hold off on SHOWINF THEM! One includes a dude who, RIGHT AFTER DOING A RITUAL his new 2013 car STOPPED WORKING (He needed a jump), lost hos job, DROVES OF BAD SHIT

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I Found Tommy Sotomayor’s Long Lost Son

His name is London Hacks: He is the SPITTING IMAGE of Tommy Sotomayor! He is a houseless (aka homeless) Londoner who gives “life hack” tips on how to get around EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE LONDON WITH NO MONEY! This is in contrast to Tommy Sotomayor who has MAD MONEY who lives in what some would call “the lap of luxury” with alot of problems… That said, Tommy, you got a long lost son (or doppleganger) in London, CLAIM HIM!!!

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Running A Nasty Wetback Up The Street

I am true to my word. I know where they stand with me so I let them know where I stand: I don’t fuck around! It’s a war against OUR people: Especially our men, black men! …And they are ALLL fucking sexual predators! THEY ARE FUCKING EVIL AND THRIVE OFF THE ENERGY, ESP. SEXUAL ENERGY OF BLACK WOMBEN WHICH IS WHY THOSE NASTY BASTARDS SEXUALLY FETISHIZE US! THEY COMMIT SEXUAL GENOCIDE AGAINST BLACK WOMEN! I explain it ALLL WHY THEY ARE THAT WAY, HERE: That’s why I summed up ALL MY EMOTIONS BY RUNNING HIM UP THE STREET! I know

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LAPD Officer R LI PIMPS Drug Addict Women To White Dudes Then Steals Their Money And More I Saw In The Astral

The astral realm aka spirit realm shows me alot, ALOT! The first notable one was a situation I have found myself in numerous times while my consciousness was in the astral in which – this place is almost like a juxtaposition between New Orleans and L.A. in which their is kinda a Jackson Square/Audubon Park area but it is like it is in the City of L.A. somehow. Anyways, there is a place I go which I can NOT recall off the top of my head when I visit the astral – not all the time but sometimes – and

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The Difference Between Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences

Okay, I finally figured out how to do it… After watching one of these man’s vids here: There’s a guy who RELIGIOUSLY and ASSIDUOISLY leaves comments named “Unplug the Matrix” who spoke of – and this makes sense – you astral project EVERY NIGHT WHEN YOU SLEEP (I been knew that) and there are ways to make yourself conscious while in it! Early this morning I had an astral experience – IT WAS SOOO VIVID – where I was seated in chairs I figure with people I knew in real life – one was a former basketball nba player who

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You Gotta Pimp Crakkkaroachés™ Too

After dealing with FatBack Big Beanbag Built Burrito, I got this shit now… See, these mofos, they trip me out! They think cause I walk around topless and cause I got video of me sucking a Crakkkaroachés™’s DICK that all of a sudden I am sexually available to em… NO, CRAKKKAROACHÉS™, YOU GOT ME FUCKED UP!!! Ya’ll mofos are Public Enemy #1. I don’t sleep on you mofos (but I will sleep with you for momey back in the day 😁)! This nigga here (or shall I say Crakkkaroaché™), just watch it: I NEVER sleep on ya’ll mugs! That’s why

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Mars Nearing Earth Event PERFECT For Sorcery July 31 2018

As I said… ALOT of crazy astrological events took place this year – perfect if you are into sorcery and/ or witchcraft! I was also playing around with one of my lil stones… I still see that orange “Star”. Wonder what it could be…..

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