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Homeless Chic 4: Going Topless In Van Nuys Courthouse

Alright, right after this I will do serious work… That said, here is a video of how to identify even the most STEALTH undercover cop car and one RAGGEDY ASS DA UNDERCOVER CAR (How they got them driving that is BEYOND ME): Now, here I am, taking pics of myself – topless – in the Van Nuys County Courthouse: Here some where I got a shirt on… Here I am – doing a sorta “victory dance” after WINNING A CASE – FINALLY! That said, after some of my dealings with the sheriffs – which I will get into later –

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Vision Concerning An Armageddon Chakra Pool, Donna Martinez and The Origin of Evil At Chicago’s Cabrini Green Projects

Wow… I have been getting visions as if late. I thought the previous ones were astral travels which they very well could be but these are VISIONS, MAN, VISIONS! That said, the first one concerned how people who have been helping me see me as a Christ figure which makes sense since all throughout my blog I’ve been mentioning how I keep seeing 888 (with it one time being on my DEBIT CARD as a security code) with one older lady cupping my face back in the shelter where I lived and saying she sees Christ in me. It reminded

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Homeless Chic 3: Nigga N Nature

The other day, I did a vid of me posing on the streets! Here is the video: Here are screenshots: – Look at my face, I’m sooo cutee XD – If men can show off their chests to show how HOTT they are (mine ain’t drooping and I am 34), why can’t I #faildoublestandards I LOVE this shot here – my body looks SOOO NATURAL, WAYYYY before all the fake curves womben grew out of surgeon’s office, fake EXTREME hour glass shapes created from FAKE ASSES, BREASTS (Which shouldn’t be sexualized as they represent the Sacred Bond which gives life

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Astral Travel Where TMZ Has Toxic Environment And Warning About LAPD

Man, my spiritual life stays POPPING! Anyways, last night or should I say early this morning I had a WEIRD astral travel experience in which I saw that TMZ had a TOXIC WORKING ENVIRONMENT (wouldn’t be shocked if true) in which there was a lot of sex, sexual innuendos, abuse of interns (compelling them into sexual situations, holding shit over lower employees heads), forcing people to like shit they don’t want (corporate politricks). It seemed to take place in an upper level apartment – like a townhouse – that was, of course, in the City of L.A. I remember there

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Homeless Chic 2: Return of The Raven

I had to present the second part of my series/ fashion line – “Homeless Chic” – in which I show myself in variius poses and various states of undress while homeless via way of living outta my car. I took some nice pics of myself last night. Hell, before I manifest that – let me show an old pic I took awhile back where I looked like a white womban in the face, a pretty one (how I missed this gem is beyond me). Here it is… Now, here the ones taken last night… Anyways, after a long and crazy

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Talking To Dead People In The Astral 4th Dimemsion

I wanna go ahead and write this article as opposed to what I was gonna post (which will be later) cause of what I experienced!THIS WAS AN EXPERIENCE – CANT BE A SO CALLED LUCI DREAM – CAUSE OF HOW VIVID IT WAS! Here’s what’s up! Here’s what happened! Okay, last night or better yet – early this morning – I SWEAR I had an experience where, I saw how dead people operate and one of the places where they go when they die: I don’t recall ALLLL the particulars but I recall seeing two black women – both of

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I Swear I Time Travelled Back to 1968

I SWEAR this had to have been a time travel – no other way around it! That said, I time traveled – my soul that is – back to 1968 (could it have been the astral version). It reminded me of this doc I saw on Youtube: That said, it was like I was in a welfare – THAT’S IT – welfare sign up tenement looking place. I was flying, topless! Now – and man I recall with perfect clarity – there were a group of black ladies, etc. sitting around. I am starting to think that maybe my consciousness

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Astral Beings Telling Me That I Don’t Belong In The Astral Etheric Worlds

Since I opened up my crown chakra, I’ve been able to leave my body with Noooo problems as this old ad by Frankie and Johnnie’s in New Orleans would say: – Look at the nigga with the crazy ole eyes! My dad used to talk shit about him, lol! That said, this was a three parter astral travel experience where all the beings in it “called me out.” That said, in the first, three white homeless dudes were with each other and I recall one of em – nice looking dude, mad pale with dark, jer black hair, tall and

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Homeless Chic

I wish to introduce to you all what I call “homeless chic”: I will start doing a blog series showing sexy shots of me posing in my car – since it is my home! I also believe that womben should be celebrated for our naturalness and not have to wear makeup, such as what I show, here: Here is a video: Along with more pics (I am posing at the beach, in my car!): Yes, this is bum life, folks and I have been in a few bum fights, too!

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My Crazy Day My Crazy Life

Before I begin I wanna say… I don’t like this mofo here! Here that hoe’s FuckBoi Book: https://m.facebook.com/stevecprice – Nigga name ain’t no “Steve Price” (trying to be white fucking twinkie aka yellow on the outside, white on the outside, lol). -This his chile or his gf? Alot of these old pedophile mofos be having girls for girlfriends – LOL, see what I did there? – Friend list? I think he one of them motorcyclist that be talking SHIT about me! If this is him, which I suspect it is, THIS BITCH is the type of GOOK (LOOK, BITCHES –

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