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XxxTentacion Played With The Big Occult Boys and Got Destroyed

Think about the name “xxx” as in X’d out! Wow… where do I begin? Before I start, I wanna say I keep having these visions of a big wave hitting Cali – had it last night! I also had a dream (I keep having these antichrist dreams) of a very wealthy family I sense directly tied to Hitler called “Hutler” and my ruling the world. It’s crazy and it was mad vivid. Okay, as for xxxtentacion… He was a POS. He caused his PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND to be blind in one eye. People still followed this sociopathic wayward, doped up on

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Breaking Free of The Spell The Reptilians Archons Aliens Have Placed On Me

Here is how that “spirit guide” I spoke of here looks: This diaphragm explains how reptilians look… RIGHT BEFORE WRITING THIS ARTICLE I SAW THREE – THREE – MILITARY BLACK HELICOPTERS FLY PAST ME… Black helicopters are greatly associated with the ufo phenomenon. This is gonna be ALOT to write about… No wonder Afrodeity – who gave me a reading awhile back – said I might have to leave Cali which is the HEADQUARTERS for reptilians. However, there’s no escaping those mofos really as what I am about to tell you happened in another state: Loser-ana (Louisiana) to be precise.

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Three Malevolent Spirits Around Me And My Fight Against Them

That is why I have issues with the purple amethyst stone as I found it shows what spirits, entities, “deities” are around you (it puts you in contact with entities)… I believe there comes a time when you gotta put shit on blast… I recall while in jail an Afrikan girl who is REAL GIFTED SPIRITUALLY told me she saw an entity around me who will put me through HELL to prove my loyalty to it… It looked like the one in thed middle: That said, I need to get at the ROOT of the problem of what is causing

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How Spirits Make Themselves Known In the 3D As Shown In My Baby Pictures

Here are my baby pictures… – Don’t I look like an alien? Fun fact, when I was a baby, my father, who loved and still does like my mom love me so much, wanted to enter me into a baby beauty pageant. My grandfather said I looked like an alien so my dad didn’t despite him vehemently wanting to since he saw the beauty in me. That said, before I go any deeply, look at this picture: Vs. this one: DON’T THEY LOOK LIKE TWO DIFFERENT BABIES (Peep the features NOT the skin colour). That said, when I was a

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Malibu Lost Hills Sheriffs Called For Fag Trailer Park Affair Gone Wrong

Seeing that shit I kept thinking of the Sly Family Stone, “It’s a fagggooooot affffairrrrrr”: I REMEMBER MY MOM PLAYING THIS SHITT – AND I STILL THINK IT’S SHIT – IN THE CAR and even as a youngin I knew dem niggaz were high and I didn’t understand why my mom liked that pitiful shit??? I got a fan… Anywayz, I saw the boyfriend, I guess MAN in the relationship banging nuttily on the trailer door which you can see here from earlier: Schitt was crazy. Then I guess cops got called to scene. I THOUGHT THEY WERE CALLED FOR

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Demons And Smart Phones

EDIT: After sleeping with my cellphone positioned by my crown chakra – I know why folks are becoming sociopaths by these reptilian/archon influenced black scrying mirrors. It is because after having slept with it by my crown chakra, I notice that my mind is now “focused too much” on the frontal lobes which if expresssed too much causes sociopathy. I REALLY had to make this blog here because of a REALLY fucking weird experience I had early this morning. Okay, I decided to do an experiment to aid in astral projection by placing the cellphone above my crown chakra –

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Why Black Folks Like To Sleep and How Alien Technology Works

– Okay, this will be an important article… As I said before, white folks are organic robotoid agents of the Demiurge, the archons who were designed to specifically keep us focused on the 3D world and not awake to our superior supernatural abilities… That’s why in white societies having visions – which would easily earn you a medicineperson title in people of color societies – causes you to be labeled schizophrenic and thus crazy here (individuality is ruled out in their societies while fake politeness at the expense of the individual is pushed). That said, “Dreamtime,” the idea of interacting

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Los Angeles FAGGOT Ranger Tells Me To Put On A Shirt

This what his ASS do on the job… Faggot. Or shall I say, fahjay (my word for FAGGOT)! – Bet he ain’t as fine as that dude, too. After calling out some crakkkaroaches from the great state of LOSER-ana (my home state unfortunately) after hearing them talk shit (I have telepathy and I can hear into thd spirit world)… This Los Angeles FAGGOT RANGER drove past reeeal quick like the cowardly ass crakkka he is and told me to put on a shirt which you can hear, here: This me just blabbering, here… That said, I have spoken about white

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