Hi! My name is Raven Williams. That is my real name. I hate wetbacks and I am a huge Trump supporter (chomo Biden will NEVER be my president). The reason why they STOLE this election is more complexed than just any hatred of Trump: https://toplessinla.org/2021/01/09/the-covid-destruction-of-businesses-is-meant-to-set-up-for-the-great-reset-aka-hunger-games/ Unlike most "people" aka organic portals (finally overstand why I hate most mofos - and they aren't even human after all (esp. the wetbawks), I understand nuances and that there are layers to things..... I place tidbits and easter eggs for those with eyes to see and ears to hear in my articles all the time. So I am not a simple person.

Why Are Black Women So Evil

I will take it a step further and say with my spiritual knowledge… BLACK WOMEN ARE INHERENTLY EVIL and here is my real world experience to confirm it:     Many of these people I just showed you are what would be considered “incarnated demons” or demon influenced in their cases…

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Just Wait…. My Site Will Be Fully Back Up ?

SEA – I got emojis now ⭐???✨?? Anyways, I sea wordpress got a new keyboard panel – which I really don’t like and makes shit ever more complicated! You know why they change this shit, huh!? It’s because their Bored of Directors demand “innovative” changes like every fucking week so that so that they can continue contributing money to said project/site. Yootube, fuck boi book does this! Make a long story short, I’m still doing me – walking around topless, pissing off the residents of satanic, saturnian war-shipping Malibu, same place where they murdered Mitrice Richardson, in part as a

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The Roads We Could Take: De La Salle or Xavier Prep

Looking back on it the choice between those two schools was LIT like the difference between taking the red pill or the blue pill: Xavier Prep was the red pill and, as my mom would say, I chose the hard road, the road with glass (shards), nails and whatever other difficulty you can think of! That said, unlike most folks who are left to wonder how things coulda turned out had they taken this or that path, I am gifted with the ability to see how an alternate path woulda played out. I get visions. Had I gone to De

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