Harassment By Baron Samedi

Harassment By Baron Samedi

His name is Billy Baille. His highest self’s real name is Don To liver, a white man who looks like the KFC man. He works with an evil entity named Dan Arcienega whose mama’s name (she has GREAT spiritual powers and abilities) is Carmen or Christina Andrade. Man, this sucks that I am being attacked by evil spirits like this, trying to get me to go down an awful timeline.

On this blog here, I “apologized” for attacking Baron Samedi but I am gonna go on to say that what I said is not all true.

I am being attacked on all sides by some very evil entities, including a very sadistic wetback who has been going around South Central, stealing black folks’ spiritual powers and abilities named Dan Arcienega. He has been attacking my bloodline, stealing the powers of mainly the blacks in my family and has even attacked solely them.

I took a picture of him sitting at a bus stop one day by Manchester and Figueroa ( I noticed that this demon was seated at another bus stop further down and then, in a split second time, was at another bus stop further down on Figueroa and Manchester and he wasn’t on the sane bus as I).

He was wearing a white tank top and looked like a fat old cholo with prison tattoos and he had “indian,” or something else, tattooed on his forehead.

That being said, Baron Samedi or shall I say is the cause of all of this.

It started all in 2013. From what I understand Baron Samedi saw that I would become more spiritual (from what I understand if you are part of his bloodline and have great spiritual powers and abilities he will attack you and cause untimely deaths, suicides, car wrecks just to get your spiritual powers.) That being said he set me up with an entity attachment that would fuck up my life spiritually and physically and send me down a road of ruin merely out of spite and jealousy, which is where I am at right now.

I saw in a timeline where I was half black and Mexican, where I was born to a Mexican mother and a black father who was unfortunately absent, he had condemned me to a life of living on the streets as a street prostitute, living from pillar to post, and he would steal any and all opportunities for success and happiness such as when he set it up that a guy who I was living with at the time out of a car would get killed in a street robbery by a liquor store, all because I had strong spiritual abilities and powers in that timeline.

I notice that as he did with me he likes making women he does not like become prostitutes as he once did me all in an effort to humiliate you and to make you susceptible to energy vampires as they feed off the root chakra and the sacral chakra, all which could be extracted during sex.

That being said for all the years I suffered in torment at his hands (he blocked all paths of opportunity and lead me down a path towards prostitution, putting curses on my life so that I will stay stuck to it), having lived a life of poverty and prostitution, I was availed an opportunity in my new neighborhood to go and become something great. I was actually destined to become somebody in the entertainment field big time, a major person and become great and Baron Samedi saw that and blocked any and all timelines to it.

He and my ancestors who are under him went about influencing the wetbacks, and a few other evil people such as from what I learned in the spirit world like Adam Sandler and Greg Kinnear and David Spade, to attack me and set me up with evil spiritualists to become a “sacrifice”, which he set me up as, and eventually die in my sleep and end up in the roach realm, which is where I have been for the past couple of years since this curse.

Baron Samedi was the first to put me under a sacrifice curse, making prostitution the hallmark of it (I was actually denied alot of opportunities in the entertainment field that would of made me wealthy and famous). One timeline was – back in the early days of American Idol I used to hear a song called “I could” by a biracial girl. I would at times intermittently hear it on the radio (I heard it once while driving up to Massachusetts during Hurricane Katrina) and I strangely would never hear it again. I would look it up on the internet, on Napster, limewire, and could never find it.

Turns out it was because it was an alternate timeline where I was destined to become a great TV presenter.

Baron Samedi denied me that opportunity.

Because I was a very studious, go getter in high school (that was when he first put the curse on me), he placed curses on me in the astral realm designed to sabotage who I am such as slut, hoe and hooker.

It’s sickening what he has done to my life and the chain of events that lead up to this.

He set things up in the spirit realm so that I end up destitute, lonely and schizophrenic for the rest of my life with energy vampires attacking me.

That being said I am lately I am being lead down an even darker road I don’t wanna go.

Imma say this. I am under a severe sacrifice curse in which Baron Samedi made a deal with three evil people to steal all my spiritual powers and abilities and give it to them. And in conjunction as well block me from any opportunities and, especially lately, any blessings of spiritual assistance that can help me escape this curse.

I am being lead by him and some really evil spirits to go down a very dark path I want to avoid. Lately, I am being lead by him and some very evil spirits to have an unnatural hatred for Mexicans and South Americans. One of the spirits who has been harassing me, Dan Arcienga, who is supposed to be a “guardian angel” or spirit guide, has been harassing me to the point of death the minute he saw that I was black in the physical. Before, when he saw that I was white in the astral, he was “nice” but was sexually harassing me, but nowhere near violent as he is now that he knows I am black.
From what I understand, he was a rapist and a violent cartel member while alive. There is also another evil spirit that has been driving me to hate them as well. There is another pedophile entity who has been harassing me and from what I have seen in the spirit plane even my parents all the way up to their higher selves to the point of death. There is also another who has been making me feel an unusual hatred towards Mexicans and South Americans as well.

Another one is Selena Quintanilla Perez otherwise known as Selena who hates herself (she hates being a messycan). She destroyed my child consciousness last night.

From what I am gathering all these spirits are designed to drive me down a dark road that would effectively make me a sacrifice and lead me down a dark path.

That being said, without saying much, in the spirit world much like in the physical I have been getting treated very unfairly.

I am not a perfect person. I am not a nice person but I am a good person who has helped out folks in the past and I don’t deserve the trajectory of where my life is heading.

That said I died in my sleep on August 22, 2022 and out of pure spite and jealousy Baron Samedi – and a couple of other evil spirits – removed me from my body (I talked about soul swapping here: https://toplessinla.org/2024/02/18/how-to-defeat-the-occalas-and-how-to-bring-down-the-illuminati/) replaced me with a racist mofo from Destrehan, La who took over my body and stole my timelines and took my parents out their bodies and killed them in their sleep and, this kills me to say, they have been in hell realms ever since, all because of him, out of pure spite and jealousy and, just, disdain for a person being different, a free spirit.

After this happened, I was told that I would have to stay stuck in the roach realm and be made a sacrifice (I have seen my astral body and how evil ass spirits and folks’ higher selves in the astral realm constantly partition it up and people pick parts from it, etc.) while somebody else uses up my blessings and live what I am supposed to be living and I am supposed to be allowed to return to my body and timeline in 7 years after said blessings are used up by somebody else but I am supposed to return poor and live a life living in homeless shelters and mental facilities.

In the past I actually had a spiritualist who helped rescue my baby brother Bryan in the astral say to me, “I sense you get judged unfairly” and I have heard other people say that all throughout my life.

It is because of Baron Samedi and other evil ass spirits invited by him that is the cause of it. It is a conspiracy of dark and evil spirits who wish to keep me going down a dark path.

That being said I got all these evil spirits working against me to put curses on my life, curses to keep me stuck in poverty, mental hospitals, and hell realms, even when I die.

I am under major demonic oppression. Major. With that being said there are frequencies to combat this. I have been trying with little effect. For discernment there is 694 hz, 637 hz and 925 hz. That being said to attack there is 2160 hz, 7794 hz, 177,900 hz, my fav – 6000 hz and 451 hz for energy vampires.

For supposed angels such as that evil mofo I am dealing with this sigil works to combat him:

Now, as I have taught before, everything in the unity verse is frequency.

That said, to enable frequency (magic is frequency), use 114,730 hz to 114,700 hz along with 117,730 hz to block frequencies and 114,715 hz and 117,700 hz enable frequency.

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