They Really Want To Destroy Me To Get My Soul

They Really Want To Destroy Me To Get My Soul

Not too long ago I saw I saw my brother Kristen in the astral plane, bending atop rubble, saying, “I am glad to see you here.”

I was told by my Highest Self that David Reina had taken him out of his body and placed him in a hell realm where people get raped, murdered and beaten, a hell realm of chaos.

As they did with my brother Bryan, they even wrote a book in the astral plane to keep my brother Kristen stuck outside his body.

They did the same to my my family my dad my mom and my brothers Kerry and Kristen.

David Reina and Barbara Reina are particularly sadistic and cruel mofos who go around the astral plane searching for Souls especially powerful Souls to feed to the roach realms as they call it.

This assault on my family, attacks on other people gotta end.

I have nothing yet they wanna energy harvest off of me.

I heard them in the astral plane saying that they were planning on energy harvesting off of my bloodline, ALL my ancestors and destroying my connection to my ancestors, my Higher Selves, when I die.

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