I Need Help

I Need Help

I feel very very stuck with this curse.

Last night these roach attachment entities the Reinas – Barbara Reina and David Reina – put IN me came to me demanding a Soul contract, constantly picking at me, at my crown chakra, energy harvesting off of me, keeping me up all night.

That said, the Reinas, who put this curse on me, are very evil people. They have killed people spiritually for having a happy life, in my case, they want my spiritual powers. I could hear them in the astral plane saying they demand a Soul contract from me, they want me to be a sacrifice. They tell me they can ‘woke my parents but I can’t spiritually attack their kids.

That said, I am at a wits end. I don’t know what to do. They put entity attachments in me that make me more accessible to the astral realm and thus my thoughts more likely to manifest. The downside is is that we all have intrusive thoughts and with roach attachments in me that manipulate my consciousness that don’t want me to escape, it is very hard for me to escape this curse due to self sabotage.

That said I am at a wits end. I need help.

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