At The Beach To Cleanse Myself of This Curse

At The Beach To Cleanse Myself of This Curse

For my birthday (today is my birthday) I am giving myself a spiritual cleanse to rid myself of this curse forever hopefully.

I’m starting to get back to my old self.

I have been cleansing myself by taking baths in the ocean and saging myself. So far it is working but it is VERY HARD to get rid of these roach attachments which refuse to go. They have been saying they took my blessings, gave it to Barbara and others, my astral (spirit) money, even got rid of my higher and highest Self all to pressure me into a Soul contract where I would die in my sleep and end up in a terrible terrible place where I will be forced to lie down and eaten by roaches for all eternity.

They say that they will make my life very difficult until I sign a Soul contract.

That said here is a pic of an entity walking pass me and my eyes looking possessed:


These things have possessed me and are even now calling me, “us.”

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