I Figured Out How The Curse Against Me Works: Consciousness Is Key

I Figured Out How The Curse Against Me Works: Consciousness Is Key

That is what I see out the corner of my eye before I go to sleep.

I figured it out.

See, I like to have outer body experiences. What you see through your third eye I believe are what you will see when you die (hence why some folks see a dark tunnel or tunnel of light when they die because when they close their physical eyes that is what they see through their third eye) because I theorize that your third eye are your physical eyes for your Soul/spirit body. The third eye harbors your consciousness since it is connected to the pineal gland:

That said, the way this curse works is entities got placed into my subconscious via the pineal gland entryway in the back of the head for my Soul and then were allowed to devour and become my consciousness from there:

They form strings that comprise of triangles, rectangles and circles that are designed – if coming from an external Source – to determine your reality. In terms of my curse it is designed to keep me entrapped in hellish realities.

That said your consciousness forms your reality and if you have external consciousness in yours forming your reality in your mind, that is a problem because that will be the reality you wake to when you die!

It explains why I see glimpses of roaches and people stuck in the roach realms when I try to induce an outer body experience:

The Roach Realms of The Astral Plane And How They Cause Schizophrenia

I also feel a coldness on my nose when I try to breath in and out and alot of pressure on my body. I have also been hearing, rather learning that the entities who put the curses on me, Baron Samedi, Guru don’t want me awakening to my power.

Now that I think of it I been seeing those hellish realms for much of my life until I lost that Soul piece that Baron Samedi took, meaning this is some circular curse as these entities have gone into my internal timelines to affect me in the past.

That’s why if you are diagnosed as “schizophrenic” it is important to get rid of these other consciousnesses in you that are part of curses cause you will end up in that hellish reality when you die.

One way to defeat it I heard is to make your consciousness airtight strong and close your third eye and your pineal gland but I and other spiritual people don’t wanna do that. There’s gotta be a better way.

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