The Unjustified Hatred Against 69 Tekashi

The Unjustified Hatred Against 69 Tekashi

Happy I only got this version cause the elongated one is too painful – and evil – to watch:

That said aside from myself – I have NEVER seen a person who got such unwarranted hate such as what 69 Tekashi has been getting PELTED with like a torrential rainfall. He don’t deserve it. I will tell you why……

It’s because of god.

I swear if he were like me, very spiritual, the money he has would dry up in a NYC sec.

See, god the demiurge feeds on those with Souls. The more misery he causes us, the more he could feed. It is usually through addictions, getting organic portals to unwittingly mass hate you for no reason.

It is designed to keep us from becoming spiritual. I notice that when you become more spiritual, your money dries up, just like with me, people mass turn against you for no reason.

So he snitched….. on people who robbed him, cheated on him with his girlfriend.

I would “snitch” – how stupid that concept is – on folks who lied to my face, treated me like shit, set me up to get robbed……

I wanna say for the idiots saying he should have handled it like “the streets” do, let me say as someone who has been unjustifiably jailed (cause I know ALOT about crooked shit at that Lost Hills sheriffs station), when the judge hands you those numbers, reality sets in!

The last thing you want is to be stuck in a cubicle for the rest of your life or for a long time or even for 3 weeks, where you have no freedom, you get told when to wake up, gotta deal with sometimes more violent convicts whose actions against you could cause you to get added time to your sentence, thus staying stuck to that cubicle for longer.

You don’t want that.

My Third Eye Shows 2022 Is Going To Be The Year of The Start of The Rapture For Soulled People

In 2022 The Demiurge And The Archons Are Gonna Tighten Their Trap Net On Humanity

That said as said last year, the demiurge (aka “god”) and the archons are gonna tighten their control on humanity as much as possible and they are doing it by making examples of people like Tekashi, I and others with Souls – especially strong Souls like his – so that other folks with Souls don’t step out and cause a scene and divert more Soulled people from out the parasitic kingdom of Yaldabaoth and return us, our Souls, back to the realm of Light!

I believe that Tekashi has a powerful Soul with the potential to educate millions and before he reaches that goal he is being put through what I call the Christ Sacrifice Program in which he is being made a sacrifice by the demiurge to keep other Soulled people in line by inducing unwarranted hate in the hearts of his organic portals so that he wouldn’t dare step into the limelight with a Higher Consciousness by becoming spiritual.

Christ was made an example out of in the same way and the Romans, under the direction of Zeus – a manifestation of Yaldabaoth (he appears as an old white man) – dubbed him the “Son of God”, really taking from the Egyptian God Amun Ra (“Amen” and Ra the Egyptian Sun God) but breaking that down is a whole other article.

The Christian god:


Everytime you War-ship god you are actually war-shipping Zeus who is really a reptilian as Quetzalcoatl also would appear as a white man:

Imma say this right now, see, 69 Tekashi being Mexican is a descendant of Quetzalcoatl. Cause he has a Soul he is hated even more and because he is directly over 69 in terms of bloodline he has more power! In my case it is the Israelite covenant with god that has allowed that basturd to have power over me and be able to fuck me up more.

This is done by collectively as stated all throughout this blog due to my experiences with the curse punishing my ancestors, allowing my whole entire bloodline to get fucked with.

I even saw my righteous very pious grandmother who loved god while she was alive trapped in hellish realms because of her love for me.

god reminds me of that Kim Jong II character who punishes a whole bloodline for the “transgressions” of one, of a dissident who never asked to be under him:

This is why 69 Tekashi has so little spiritual protection like me! It is his potential to teach the masses on spirituality that has god scared. If he ever became less materialistic, shit would get much worse for him. I guarantee.

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