Thou Shalt Not Suffer An Idiot To Be Attracted To Me

Thou Shalt Not Suffer An Idiot To Be Attracted To Me

Lest they get death ‘woke put on their dumbasses 🧙🏻‍♀️🪄💀⚰🪦

Cause that is what I shalt do.

Fucking idiots:

Aside from the necessity of doing much needed Soul work, energy work on myself I enjoyed the solitude of the forest due to it’s inherent nature of being away from the dregs of society – meaning most people.

I can not stand when goofy, frivulous minded, simple minded idiots call themselves being “attracted” to my shirtless activism and in a way that degrades and defiles me by their very presence gravitating towards me……

Jovial minded, happy happy joy joy fun time idiots who are not on my caliber of seriousness, intense cerebral poise and deep intellectual capabilities, not to mention my level of consciousness.

To think that such vociferous idiots – whom I fought in high school – could trivialize me down to being a spectacle – and expecting me to conform to such – like this moron here:

Will earn you – and your kids – a death ‘woke 🧙🏻‍♀️🪄💀⚰🪦 Peace ✌🏻

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