Archon Possession And How To Remove Them

Archon Possession And How To Remove Them

This past weekend I just got attacked – viciously – by an ugly reptilian archon that looks alot like this…..

I have been doing energy work on myself in which I have removed false Soul pieces all designed to attach me to dark sacrificial heads I have talked about here.

In the process…. it made it easier for me to FINALLY associate drinking with the shitty way it has you feeling after overindulging and even my liver hurt (because an archon was intercepting the alcohol – using me to feed it – there would be no real negative physical effects considering the amount of drinking I been doing).

….After accomplishing what is a milestone for me said entity above attached to my right side and sent an impulse through my neck in the back of my head, making me fiend for alcohol again.

Thankfully I patched it up (when I fucked around with satanism after forcing me to as I was in the beginning of my spirit journey they manipulated my energy body where my impulse aspect was outside of my astral body, making me susceptible to possession).

I am trying to get rid of that entity and another like it and get to the root of what got it around me in the first place.

That said my own tarot reading for today is prophetic of what I am going thru.

Imma continue to drive this shit away from me so there are NO slip ups and I can live a happy healthy successful life.

I enjoy being full of energy and I HATE how drained I feel from these things influencing these urges for that toxic shit as well as creating synchronicities with unhealthy people to get me to fall back into this unhealthy destructive cycle.

Just this past weekend I met a poor lady who has DT’s meaning alcoholic tremors and I saw DROVES of dark entities following her as well as two imps attached to her back.

No way an ordinary person can fight that!

She also calls me crazy cause those entities don’t want me helping her (it’s a tall order dealing with the shit she got).

Imma continue to spend time in isolation and drive this shit out!

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