The Achilles Heel of The White Supremacist Crakkka

The Achilles Heel of The White Supremacist Crakkka

Looka IT’S response……

– CRAZY cause there were 9 screenshots with this wetback I argued with (then ‘woked) last night……

Here is IT’S instagram…..

This Is Why I Say Wetbacks Got Low IQs And You NEVER Open Yourself To Them

I ‘woked this inferior crakkka too and let him know what IT is…..

As a black person and esp. black woman, you gotta train these wetbacks and crakkkas cause they look down upon blacks and will get WAYYY outta line when they think they can get close.

You gotta keep their toxic asses at a SEVERE hostile distance….. as you will read in the next blog, or else their false superior complex asses will get WAYYYY outta line and take liberties until you show them back to their lowly place such as what I did to this crakkka.

Look at how I took away his pleasure, his mistaken misconception of me as a sex object. When I made him feel inferior (witch ??‍♀️?? is accurate in terms of what I said to him) look at how I tore away any slavemaster fantasy – any fantasy – he had!

Like the women in my family I ENJOY subverting the patriarchy esp. wetbacks and crakkkas with their hypersexualization of black women.

Not here mofo, Imma take your spirit (since crakkkas don’t have Souls…..).

Like most of his (genetically) weak, inferior, lacking in testosterone kind….. I PREY he cries himself to death and commits suicide. If he don’t…. the shadow people I put into him WILL as was done here…..

You wanna fetishize me I’LL MAKE YOU see who I am ??‍♀️????

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