Why I Am Happy Not To Be A Lesbian (NO HOMOPHOBIC SHIT)

Why I Am Happy Not To Be A Lesbian (NO HOMOPHOBIC SHIT)

We honest would make a cute gay couple…..

– Please don’t fuck with her.

I dunno man I honest look a lil gay (strong gay energy ✊??️‍?) here. I don’t see a similar romantic energy when I am paired with a man.

I was honest thinking about doing something with her too….

Before anybody – esp. thirsty ass dudes (get the fuck outta here) – come on here to think I am on the side of the lgbtq you got me – esp. with my being a transracial womban and a feministfucked up!

I am just making LEGIT observations culled from empirical evidence that they themselves would probably own up too……

Oh yeah in the video this Icabod Crane looking scarecrow ass mofo was the lifeguard (how you get an ancient ass scarecrow to act as a lifeguard) who called Malibu Security…..

– Same mofo I caught one day getting out his car as can be seen here grabbing his dick – twice – while staring those ancient mummified eyes dead – just like he is – in my direction…..

Also cops went to drop a warrant on me too as well…. thankfully they gave me a tee-ket ??‍♀️

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