Why You Need To Call Toxic People Out Even If It Brings Conflict At A Happy Event

Why You Need To Call Toxic People Out Even If It Brings Conflict At A Happy Event

I have come along way. I have build myself up, pulled myself energetically, spiritually by the boot straps.

I have come far and my blog is documentation for that.

That being said, I have come to a point where I have NO PROBLEM with cutting ties with – and breaking bonds with – toxic mofos who mean you harm.

I no longer second guess myself. I no longer sacrifice MY inner peace for the sake of protecting others from experiencing tumultuous conflict with BULLIES!

I own my experiences. I own the truth and I will tell and act as the truth even if it makes others feel uncomfortable.

That’s what I had to do today!

Shaqunada here had an attitude with me over the phone and I can hear her talking shit to my parents about my going shirtless and being a free spirit – jealous black bitch!

You can listen to the audio recording of my interaction with her.

Peep in the 1st one she had a lil attitude and after being on the phone that is when I heard her in the background talking shit on my going shirtless – which you can’t hear but I could:

I hope she enjoys that ✊? ‘woke

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

She familiar with my shirtless activism. Now she gonna be familiar with my demons, reptilians ??

I don’t give a fuck what you say; what I sense is in your heart matters to me.

That said, not too long ago I got a spiritual message of my other brother’s sister in law – a muslim – putting spells or sending negative energy on me.

I hate black bitches and these mayates will get taken care of.

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