Men Stop Sexually Harassing Womben On Social Media

Men Stop Sexually Harassing Womben On Social Media

Note I keep the “man” out of womban ??

It is a subconscious thing.

Look, these mofos here…..

Looka this fucking misogynist and this other lovelorn weirdo named “KingOfTheCatNip”…..

Since this bitch – who says he likes humiliating women – is lonely contact his lonely, misogynistic ass at (314) 714-5536


That is the ONLY time I will put up with a man is in the context of prostitution. I am dead damn serious.

I will be alone for the rest of my life. I am determined to see thru that this happens. I don’t want two children: a husband and kids – yeah I call men “kids”.

If you do I will curse you and/or put hands on you as I did yesterday here:

I Whipped A Perv Couple’s ASS

Don’t approach for your own sake cause I will tear you down both verbally and physically.

I don’t play that shit.

In a world of male dominance, male patriarchy it is – as I see it – an attack on a strong womben. An attempt to pull you into the patriarchist fold and I will not be part of that and will not tolerate anyone making me a part of that. This message here left by a misogynist after I merely said that males should start taking responsibility and stopping blaming females for their actions in response to a dumbass saying that a female was the cause behind Indian Boy’s murder (done by a male) encapsulates this:

No, a man needs a womban and self actualised, highly spiritually advanced people like me don’t need anyone cause, see, folks try to find themselves in their partners hence why they say she/he my “better half” but when you have evolved via many lifetimes and incarnations, thru many different past lives, the different cultures, genders, races lived in them – you are already evolved and as I speak from experience, like a baby tugging on a mama’s skirt, you will be a drain on me and my powerful inner strenght. I am literally a God, an immortal. Just this past weekend a dude on lsd saw my true self and said I was just a blue flame which represents the throat chakra from whence I tell truths most folks are uncomfortable knowing (hence why mofos hate me but I don’t care). I don’t not need you. I am just here to observe and push an agenda and be on my way once my physical vessel perishes. I don’t need you. But you do need me.

That said, I learned via, of all things prostitution, men need us. This reddit no sleep article encapsulates it:


See, it’s basic fucking biology: men seek womben out as broadmares, vessels to act as portals for spirits and Souls to enter the physical realm in an experience otherwise known as pregnancy to continue their legacy, their bloodline, their genes.

They don’t give a fuck about you. As that article states they just see and use womben to carry their legacy and that’s it. That is why majority of folks against abortion are male:

It is not unheard of for a male to manipulate and/or force a womban they are not even attracted to and don’t wanna be with to carry a pregnancy or as those basturds say their seed to term. Personally I think all males secretly hate femails I sense (due to womb envy) and merely see us and tolerate us due to being the only path to carrying “their” seed.

It’s basic biology. Love is propounded by a chemical. Your world is nothing but a simulation consisting of chemical reaction, neurological synapses, energy and frequencies. It is all a holographic show propounded by the mind.

That’s why I take issue with mofos approaching me romantically, for relationships etc. (remember you gotta come at me with mo-nay) cause I see past all the shit. I am that advanced. It is all fake and merely an attempt to perpetuate the demiurge’s holographic simulation. That is why like Timothy Leary I don’t participate in it. I am tuned in but not turned on! When you see the shit for what it is you aren’t impressed or phased by all this bull.

That said, returning back to commenting on males and their sexual harassment of females on social media. I see thirsty ass dudes throwing they dicks at ladies and grrls on Youtube (as my mom said dudes offer “a dick and a smile”) in fucking contexts where it is unwarranted. A womban could be commenting on her fav makeup and a dude will come in and comment how she hot and act as if she needs his validation (I have endured this many times) while not taking a look at his ugly ass pimply face and ugly pimply ass dick.

These dudes be getting outta line. It’s like they’ll be the ugliest mofo in the world and really think we need them to approve our looks or chase womben wayyyy out their jurisdiction. I see this with ugly fat ass republican dudes with portly ass bellies commenting on Hillary Clinton or some democrat female they don’t like and I correct em by asking em, “Have you looked in the mirror” you fat pot bellied ass motherfucker?

That said we don’t want your thirsty ass dicks. We don’t dress for you. You don’t know who the fuck we are attracted to so the nerve of you to think we dress for you. Thus we aren’t doing our vids or posting our pics for you. Honest where these mofos get this notion we “need” them and their validation? Only validation they getting from me are these hands ?? and these spiritual hands ??

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