Lost Hills Sheriffs Commence Cleaning Up PCH of Drug Dealing Methheads and Trash

Lost Hills Sheriffs Commence Cleaning Up PCH of Drug Dealing Methheads and Trash

….And here are just a few (lost hills sheriffs TOLD ME they know that these mofos DO AND SELL METH out their RV’s) – and how they get violent with em…..

Now they moved next to me here…..

Dude who owns it’s name is Mike. I’ve seen them dealing on a coupla occasions…… I also heard he fled out here from South Central to escape a guy who wanted to kill him for “stealing” his gf! Here is one example…..

This mug here, Richard (he does copious amounts and has druggies and homeless dealers coming and going)…..

And this mofo a lil jumpy and touchy feely here (he from Joshua Tree I was told)…..

When I told him off and pushed his hand away after he touched my butt he got a lil indignant saying it was an “accident”……

He is also pro Trump – like me – and supports deportation of illegal immigrants and I guess a “whiter America.”

He a methhead too!

It kills me that lil Englishman joining their ranks……

I thought LASD was recruiting informants against me (ONLY reason why I was recording) but now I see different…..

Like at Venice Beach, they had all these RVs, many as I hear via the grapevine (the junky looking ones with all the shid on the side), full of folks selling, dealing and doing drugs who as one vanlifer said creates an unsafe drug environment. You can’t have this shit around cause then it attracts thugs and gangsters who want a piece of the meth-gold and basically creates another skid row but by the beach, thus creating an unsafe environment for regular families and folks to come and enjoy themselves

This should not be in Malibu!

Also, folks with big RVs who commandere the public spaces for long periods of time – as what happened at Venice – also becomes a problem! Ya’ll peep them with the orange comes etc. That ain’t right too. That’s why I got a van cause it don’t take up much space and you can move it around. The nice clean RVs belong to those who got families, who just wanna travel around for the summer. The junky ones belong to junkies who just wanna sell and do drugs. Here is a gallery which will be updated (press the circle thing to see what I mean) as I capture more…..

They the ones who’ll have piles and piles of acquired trash next to their RV’s, all that shit like it is their land. That is how you can discern.

Plus as me and another dude noted they got bad fucking energy and are circulating that shit by being closer to me!

Something gotta be done. I am a “homeless” woman saying this, just based on what I note.

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