DO NOT Buy Dasani Water

That literal shit of a watee brand will have you running with the runs to the bathroom (or in my case porta potty) literally ?+?=??‍♀️?

That said, THERE IS A REASON why it is banned in the U.K……

That literal shit ? got bromate in it which causes cancer

That literal shit ? is not safe to drink…..

A very very nice young man dropped off packs and packs of it last night, saying his bawse didn’t want it (I wonder why…..)…..

That said AFTER ONE SIP I had to throw that literal shit ? out…. I had the runs, dry fucking mouth (like how tf does water supposed to do that) = SALT – and, to top it all off, it calcified THE FUCK out of my pineal gland and stunted my spiritual abilities…..

Flouride is a chemical placed in tap water designed to calcify and stunt your spiritual abilities. Luminaries like Alex Jones and others have fervently spoken on it!

Tap water IS the key ingredient in Dasani.

Tap water contains flouride…..

LOL these mofos say flouride is a naturally occuring substance while the article above says no……

While that article said that shit is added…..

I peeped it is MAD MAD hard to find non biased articles in favour of what the illuminati is doing…..

That being said, one time back in my old apartment when I was dead broke and trying to find ways to save money I thought of drinking only tap water…..

When I say it stymied my brain it stymied my brain and mind.

I could not think. My thoughts were clouded to put it nicely. My mind, my brain was literally turning into mush and it was all (no) thanks to that tap!

I then found Crystal Geyser water and never looked back, ever….

Crystal Geyser opened my pineal gland, expanded my consciousness, raises my frequency – it is truly a Goddess Send ??

That being said, I don’t see HOW fucking Dasani and shit water like it like Arrowhead (that shit NASTY) are on the market. Dasani a fucking health hazard to the public. I don’t see how the fuck anyone – except organic portals who ain’t losing anything cause they ain’t got a pineal gland to begin with but they’ll suffer the runs ??‍♀️? – can fuck with that literal shit. I couldn’t.

That being said that literal shit ? should be off the market.


Shit they might as well sell toilet water, which I bet that is where that literal shit comes from hence why folks be having the runz ??‍♀️??? from it.

I can’t get over how that shit ? = ??‍♀️?? got salt like water supposed to quench your thirsty not make you thirsty for more = ???? Greedy asses…..

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