Why I Don’t Need A Man

Why I Don’t Need A Man

I am already complete!

I am the completed human. I am duality. I am both male and female, energetically.

There is no need for a man – or anyone – cause I am both for me.

Let me break it down.

As I explain here…..


Those who are looking for sex partners, friends, etc. are trying to find themselves in those people…..

I don’t need that cause I am already there.

While most of ya’ll who are organic portals are operating at no level and others are young Souls just incarnating here, operating on a kindergarten level…..

I have been numerous times, thru myriad incarnations.

This ain’t my first rodeo. And it may not be my last……

People like myself incarnate here cause we are on a mission. We – in the same vein as a “Jesus” aka Yashuah Ben Pendira, a Guatama aka Buddha, a Krishna – come to teach you all WITH SOULS lessons in God hood and how to escape this wheel of Samsara:

You are already in hell aka the material 3D world aka 666. The demiurge will keep recycling your Soul back into Earthly bodies until you escape from here by learning the lessons we teach you.

That being said, we are like that former prisoner who break in to jail to help as part of a grand scheme break free other prisoners from an unjust realm!

Beware of mofos who steal folks like myself’s teachings and use their powers to manipulate you into thinking they “god”…..

See, I don’t come at mofos like that. I sit here, using my blog which I get no money from (I am dead ? broke, like Prince Phillip dead ☠), using it as a tool honest to get shit off my chest and teach those in the same predicament as I the truth about shit and how to truthfully get outta shit by going thru it and being honest about it instead of coming at you on a “hee haaa ha” highstanding ladder like I ain’t never been in shit like the fake gurus.

I don’t want you to war-ship me. I don’t wanna be bothered, honest. I got my space. I don’t want nor run no fucking cult. People may be attracted to my teachings or personality or, as in the case of energy vampires, my energy (I had one such bitch like that who tried to falsely accuse me of running a cult cause she could not be around me) but I don’t care for that shit.

Folks project allll sorts of shit on me all the time. It’s a shame.

Alot of that projection comes from something within you tho that needs inner working. Alot of times it is cause somewhere in your energy body, chakras, your shit is loose and leaking hence why these energy vampires become attached

That is why as I explain in the video you wanna become solid as a rock, and that includes becoming energetically fortified in your beliefs and values so no mofo can sway you.

I call it living in absolutes.

Ever wonder why REAL spiritual teachers exude a confidence that makes em untouchable to these organic portals, mofos not on their level of consciousness (I ain’t describing the assholes up there ?? them fake ass indian gurus who all those dumbass people be following and war-shipping then get the big let down – whomp – when it’s found out a nigga used their cult skills to murder – like Jonestown – or rape or diddle with lil keeds)…..

It is cause they are energetically fortified:

They ain’t leaking in their chakras or got entity attachments hence why their light is pure and shines but don’t attract pieces of shit like I been attracting.

As I have found out the hard way – and as I been saying – dark entities attach to you so demonic ass people who are influenced by them (while using YOUR OWN energy) to help their asses find they path to you!

That is why energy cleansing is pivotal as you open your shit and why folks MAY initially see bad shit when they open up their eye.

Case in point: before I fucked with satanism I saw positive things on meth like shadow beings with electric blue auras and shit you’d see on lsd. Next thing I know I saw giant roaches, insects, wizards, necromancer wizards….

Hooded beings, the illuminati in the astral cause the shit around me was dark, hence why I begun and am still on – yet near closing – this journey of finding my towards the light for balance.

A solidified healed body is why no one fucked with Yashuah. It’s why they say he was so full of light it repelled folks. You get all that shit off and it does something to help you regain your Soul divinity while breaking off your connections to being enslaved by this world such as worries on whether folks accept you, getting jobs, getting money, etc.

Those addictions are caused by some type of enslavement connection to this world in which they higher you ascend, the more you will find out – as I have – that it is an entity making that connection and trying real hard to make you still stay stuck to this world, as this archon told me himself via a ghost app:

This is what he does to those who die, still imprisoned consciousness wise (via energy manipulation) to this realm…..

Here the wheel of samsara:

Most folks dismissively just tell ya empty-ily to “heal” and “be happy and good” and all that good bullshit but I break it down of how it truly works, what you up against, and how to fight it…..

That’s a true teacher (folks had been saying that I was a teacher for years even before I started preaching on social media but I dismissed it but now it makes sense).

That said – and this is not being said outta resentment – but when you are self actualized like I – when you have climbed the spiritual zenith like I – folks at this point can only pull you back.

Case in point: there was a time where, as people have told me, that I was allll over the place, energetically. I could feel it too back then but I was in denial. There was a time where I myself was an energy vampire and would use folks just for an ear to vent.

I’m telling you. Satanism did something change that cause I evolved an innerstanding and an outward overstanding so I became impervious to subjective attacks from then on which got better and better, internally.

I used to be internal wreck. Now I’m not. I’m becoming whole.

But I taught even back then cause I knew it was important not to see me as a “master” and thus some omnipotent being but someone who is like you, going thru shit and present it from a real perspective as opposed to a holier than thou standpoint of view like so many fake gurus do.

Now it makes sense. As I write this, it all makes. Why I don’t let folks into my world. I attract Soulled people who are injured like I who will only act as an anchor to pull me down further into the water. I know anchors help you float but these are cut off anchors that can only serve to disconnect you from healing as well.

I had a friend of mines who was a gay dude who as I healed – it was during the eggshell magick healing period – started turning me down. I know it was due to entity attachments but I had to cut him off to protect myself.

I wasn’t hurt cause I overstood what was going on but I knew he had to go at that time…..

That’s why I stay to myself period and I know it is important to do so. I don’t need it to make sense to other people. It makes sense to me.

The satanism did something – I know EXACTLY what it is now — to energetically fortify me where I couldn’t create arbitrary energetic chords bonding me to random peope – the real issue that empaths face and why they are always attracting energy vampires and folks who project on them.

Gotta cut that off!

Also, my ancestry…..

– I meditate instinctively just. like. that!

This is Pharoah Ahkenaten who was Queen Nefertiti’s husband, her consort.

Looking at that shadow above I know I am of some royal Ancient Khemetian heritage.

It is believed that Pharoah Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti were aliens…..


That being said, look at Pharoah Akhenaten’s body and look at mine…..

We got the body of both a female and a male. Breasts that point at the tips, hips like a female, broad shoulders….. Duality.

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