Alcohol Curse Attacks Again

Looka some of this shit here……


I don’t regret this ???


Nor this tho ?


Pervert asshole gonna think twice before rolling up and sexually harassing women in the future.

That said, based on these two messages from some long standing nemesis (energy vampires)……

And this one here…. I called her out for what she actually is here……. When you read this message from her it most def. sounds like she cursed me and is under the control of something herself – as I long sensed…..

Here she is also affirming that my self healing has been pissing off and running these evil entities up the s(kr)eet ????‍♀️

Now, listen to my thoughts on what caused yesterday’s drinking urge (I SWEAR it was Friday when this happened and I was gone for two days so how tf it’s Saturday):


People don’t understand that the spirit world is real and just how overwhelming, overtaking these urges can be. I was able to stop it for whole weeks cause I exorcised the entity causing them out of me but I think there is some remnant piece on the upper right side of my head that is still causing it, cobtrolling me to direct me towards those urges…..

Speaking of spirituality, looka what I stumbled upon the second night of my drunken rowdiness: sacred geometry:

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