Imma Fuck Up That Lil Blue Ice Cream Truck Passing Me By Disrespecting Me

This look just like it:

I’m tired of this shit…. of stupid low vibratory DUMB mofos who think cause they DUMB enough to rent (while I own my motherfucking car), making someone else RICH ie the landlord/property owners – with expensive and/or cheap cars they probably fucking rent as well – that you can fucking disrespect me!

I am smarter than most of you DUMB mofos cause I can live outside of society, on the fringes (cause your system fucked up). Many of you dumb mofos aren’t on my level of consciousness can’t see the forest for the trees which is why I can’t stand or respect most of ya’ll (organic portals).

That said, pass by me again – disrespecting me, you gonna lose that fucking truck. I’ll be waiting……

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