Singing While Cooking

Singing While Cooking

I was in a dark ass place while cooking last night…..

I was singing one of my favourite songs as a teen, Disturbed’s Remember:

….and, man, as I sat cooking, full of anger and rage and hatred – while on the last legs of my healing process which I have been doing great with, I thought to myself I shouldn’t of attended that nigger school and how that one thing from that nigger bitch fucked alot of things up and set in motion for a lot of fucked up things to come my way.

What really hurt the most is when I was a teen a young lady, a Seer, saw everything that transpired through much of my adult life – the prostitution, small Youtube following – but what she said that hit the most is she saw an older version of me – dreadlocked, wearing purple pants and topless – standing beside myself as a God would telling my younger self, “It will be okay.”

Even now that brings tears to me.

I remember she laughed at the “topless” part and it’s true. It all came to past…..

I also realise that the reason why I act the way I do and say the shit I say is due to a severly wounded inner child, which I was trying my best to defend.

Also…. they had some wetbucks in a fancy car, parked behind me (I saw trouble from a twosome in my cards) and at one point one astral projected (I believe it was the guy) to say, “Hey” as clear as day.

I woke up a lil bit drained but feeling great!

I do remember some bits of the astral experience and there were some entities saying they can’t protect me from tulpas.

I also inexplicably lost my keys and they were found in an unusual place.

I can’t get over how much of my life was defined by a wounded inner child.

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