Public ‘Wokes Plotting My Murder Talking About “We Gonna Burn Her Car”

Public ‘Wokes Plotting My Murder Talking About “We Gonna Burn Her Car”

All I do is be me – and get attacked. I’m tired of the shit. And they also tried to gaslight, acting like I’m crazy. No, bitch, I ain’t stupid then pass me by in their trucks in an intimidating manner.

I could hear the snippets of conversation talking about, “CHP ain’t doing shit about her“, and then talking about burning my car.


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Imma say this: my brother Kerry who’s a thug AND truck driver got a friend who killed an Arizona State Trooper. Keep playing with me!

These two bitches gotta die ?⚰

This ain’t nothing but jealousy and wishing they could have me, my freedom and/ or be me. Imma sell they souls. Imma fuck em up! I’m so pissed like they got the right to attack me for DOING NOTHING! Game on! Game on.

I’m feeling this energy coming from government workers (NOT ALL) of wanting to murder me – mainly this bitch over here:

The other day after parking across from me this undercover cop fool blew smoke towards me while I was doing a video talking about a guy who I HAD PROOF was plotting my kidnap, rape and murder as if to indicate he wanted to harm me as well.

Here he is parked across from me early this morning….

My cards confirms it:

Earlier I saw the devil and in these cards you even see the loss card aka five of cups (when I did cards earlier WE BOTH got the devil as outcome) and there you see the King of Swords = police as the insinuation card over everything!

I C what the fuck you up to! Don’t play me.

I’m highly psychic, intuitive and I’ll kill your ass…. with ‘woke??

I’m sitting up here minding my own FUCKING business, editing my damn site and they talking about KILLING ME when I’m minding my own fucking business and AIN’T FUCKING WITH THEM!


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