My Day of Fuckery


Here are some cool pics I took that day. Had a lot of fun but not as much as when I meditate.

I also took some photos – topless – at the Clara Foltz courthouse now that I don’t have to go back to that mug!

I wonder what type of rock is this…

Speaking of which…

I found a secret place in the woods of Malibu.

I recall years ago when I first came out here and I wore my blonde weave (now blonde dreads) and I took some pics for craigslist (I was a sex worker back then) full naked (no topless) out in the woods of Malibu. Even though there are alot of canyons out here there are some which aren’t too steep. I even found what can be deemed a natural home fashioned by nature itself. Here are the pics:

Very nice!

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