Found A Pedophile Subculture on Youtube


I’m just done.

Look at this gallery of comments and screenshots I took:

Look at these vids:

Here is it’s Youtube counterpart:


Look at the screenshots of the comments and notice they mark time stamps when the lil girl opens her legs and shows her crotch more (this is sick and reveals these vids TRUE INTENTIONS):

When I called this one PEDO OUT – look at this response: Here is his channel:

One of his vids here can give you an idea of where he at (I took a screenshot just in case):

Here another one of these lil girls in Brazil. I mean just looka this shit…

The thumbnail just gives the shit away…

It conveys the appearance like these lil girls are grown ass women inviting someone to join them for a swim as you can see from the lil girl in the foreground’s hand gesturing (pretty obvious).

I found these series of sick vids after clicking on a clickbait vid about a woman rearing to whip a Jamaican lady’s ass, telling her to get out of America – lol!

What else it’s selling…

Here another vid they in where the comments are open. Just look at them comments and where the time stamps sre strategically placed on the video:

Here the screenshots with the sick ass time stamps:

This other LIL GIRL just talks about her nighttime routine and, again, going to the bathroom, using it while someone post timestamps of when she focuses the camera down on her bathrobe:

Here the comments in which PEDOS post sexually salacious timestamps in the video:

Man, these comments, I’m dead ☠

And this the sickest of em all….

I can understand a lil Spanish (I see ALOT of Brazilians and South Americans in dem comments where this shit must be acceptable since after all, the first person to have s child at the YOUNGEST AGE was a 5 year old Peruvian girl):

I ain’t trying to make light but her breasts are as big as mine. This sick…

Anyways, look at this child here:


Again, look at what the timestamps are focusing on:

Look at the fucking recommended vids under this – look at the poses, the way these children look, THEY SELLING THEMSELVES ON HERE, NO DOUBT! It ain’t just kids trying to have innocent fun!

This worse than #ElsaGate

THIS THE REAL SHIT! At one point they got one called “Evie’s Corner” which is reminiscient of Evie’s Crib which was a now private blog implicated in pizzagate in which Tamera Luzzatto of the Pew Trust was selling kids as exposed via email which I discussed here:

Here the video:

Here a screenshot in case they take it down:

THIS is the thumbnail:

Now blacks gotta get in it…

Here the vid:

Look at her channel pic (TF!!!???):

Here some pedophile ass nagger named Willie (an ole black man name) with the caption “I need her” on his creepy ass channel profile:

Here another vid she did which is titled “slime” which curiously uses a phrase associated with using small kids in orgies according to pizzagate (Here is an article making the association):

You can see this a lil girl… man, smdh!

Lil innocent baby!

Here a teen with a channel called “My Slime Worf” like wtf (if they like 15, 16 then I won’t harp on it cause in some states that is legal. Hell in Sweden age of consent is 13 and in many indigenous societies without the Gregorian calendar it is when you hit puberty but I think legality should come 2 years after that and nothing below 14 or 15):

I mean, this just shows all the fucked up things: it’s like a microcosm of racism (the black girl showing more yet barely getting any views just as what happens with black sex workers and us in general in real life), sexism (seedy ass comments about the girl’s looks and imposition of gender roles) and just I mean – just disrespectful shit that is just degrading!

Fuck #ElsaGate this is the shit people need to be looking at. As someone who can see spiritually and just by mere common sense – they parents setting these girls up to attract leering ass pedophiles hence all the low key sexual themes in the vids such as them showing themselves while getting out the shower (I mean that is pretty fucking blatant!), strategically taking swims in a shallow ass baby sized pool so they asses can be up and showing that while giving a “come hither” alluring look for the camera as can be seen in one of the vids. I ain’t no prude and I don’t get caught up on the hypochristian notion that nudity is a sin – which constantly changes – but context is context and there is just not something right about these vids. I can tell it’s deliberate, orchestrated! Somebody putting them chern up to it. A loooong time ago while trying to download music or I think if I recall while looking for a possible Mitrice Richardson snuff vid I stumbled upon some sick ass child porn where lil girls were wearing bikini tops but they’re vaginas were exposed and it was in Russian. Now that I think about it, it reminded me of these Hustler strip cartoons where you had a “character” named Chester the Molestor who would “playfully” kidnap and rape lil girls such as what can be seen down below:

– NOTE, analogous to what I saw, the “breasts” areas are taped but not the vagina. That scene is sick. Turns out the guy who did the strip raped his lil girl:

I hurried up and “x’d” that shit out (we all know the feds in that shit cause just read this:

But the poses I saw on that site reminded me of what I see but on a lowkey level on them vids. They lowkey selling them babies for sex for money. I mean why else are such simple vids garnering 25,000 +

This shit is just sick! All I can do is expose this and hope someone else with more popularity will expose it.

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