Why You Need To Do FAKE Chakra Removal

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– One thing I wanna say is that I felt that some shit may have added those UNNECESSARY extra chakras after some crazy shit was told to me WHILE I WAS EXPERIENCING A KUNDALINI AWAKENING IN HIGH SCHOOL since I stopped seeing things, hearing folks it seemed AFTER THAT INCIDENT (She was a satanist who used it as a tool to recruit others by trying to cause soul loss so as to convert to satan).

– Also, entities use the FAKE 7 CHAKRAS (The real ones are underneath the fake ones in which the fake ones produce the “pop” sounds upon opening them) to fuck with you by using them as portals to access your personal spiritual “space” and manipulate you which I have experienced and seen others “on the path to opening their Divine Feminine” have ENDURED!

I REMOVED THEM TODAY using the right tools and it made a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE! No more entity attachments causing issues with alcohol addiction; I FEEL FREE AND THE SAME WAY I DID WHEN I WAS A CHILD! VERY FREE!

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As I said before, these archons CREATE PROBLEMS then come act as the solution for instance, one gentleman told me he saw “Jesus Christ” attached to my crown chakra which was more than likely responsible for MAKING IT HARD FOR ME TO ASTRAL PROJECT!


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