I Astral Projected AGAIN Last Night

Finally getting that holy grail – and the science behind HOW TO DO IT (What energies are required) down path!

Anyways, I astral projected last night. When I left my body – it was dark – and I notice my astral vision has been improving.

The sky looked like it does here – I saw cerulean blue intertwined with black. Right before I left my place – I saw what appeared to be – suspended in the air – a philip’s head screwdriver (I grew up hearing that in my home so I wonder if it is just colloquial to my home), an airplane and two other items. Btw I saw no shadow people or any of the other scary, bad shit people FALSELY claim is around me which is why you must beware of unscrupulous, 3D oriented, jealous “spiritual workers” who like Hannibal Lector will try to manipulate your mind into believing shit that ain’t true so they can subvert you! As a matter of fact this coincides with the spiritual/ intuituve tarot card readings that I will be doing LIVE tomorrow here at 3pm PST: https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCIMP_vFR6ukpo9z5MiEsP0w/live So visit me there and also visit me on my spiritual site as well: raventheshaman.org Also, like and follow my facebook page in which I post about spiritual services and spiritual info here: https://m.facebook.com/RavenTheShaman888/?ref=bookmarks

THAT SAID – LOL – I FELL OUT THE WINDOW – MY GHOST BUSTED OUT THE WINDOW, LOL! I recall falling on the ground. This is what Rick Richards (who writes alot about this stuff) called the astral real time where you are in the world BUT you are in ghost form.

That said, I won’t divluge MY SECRETS on how to do this shit (alot of it is energy work which is what I offer as per spiritual services) but alot of it involves energy, being in a certain state, etc. It took me a while to begin to learn how to initiate it – willingly instead of having it happen spontaneously. I usually leave through my crown chakra (in which I am in pure energy form). I know from experience that if you leave through one of the lower chakras, and if you breathe a certain way – you can appear in your full body form. I remembered this happened after listening to binural beats and doing those deep deliberate breathing exercises! I recall half of my body – which has been usually the case – being out. I was also in my old haunted apartment which was needless to say spiritually charged which helped! That said, while partially out my body – starting from the torso on up – I looked outside and it looked like a beautiful dream – hell, it corresponded to the “dreams” I had (which coulda been inadvertent astral projection) in which I saw what I can only describe to be a heavenly version of my old apartment in which there was a golden, magical color showering the tree next to my apartment building, the sky was a strong golden hue – it looked like heaven is all I can describe it to be. That said, a funny lil entity came bursting in, zig zagging like a crocodile, which looked like a cutout cardboard cartoon 2D character. I have seen what I can only sense were ghosts appearing this way as well – moving at the same lightening speed! He came in, through the window, the walls – then hissed like a snake would (I don’t know if this was a reptilian cloaking itself) saying, “Hey, Raven!” I told him to, “Get the fuck outta here before I bust your ass.” That said, he hissed again and I remember as clear as day – said, “I’m not afraid of you, Raven!” For this mofo to know my name – lol at a spirit being conversant with me like that – means his creepy ass has been around, spying on me for some time since I’ve been on his radar, which also explains how people will see spirits around someone since they pop in and out of our dimension ALL THE TIME! That said, needless to say – at the time I didn’t know WTF I was dealing with. I wasn’t gonna take a chance (they got malicious entities that can pull you out your body, keep you in spirit cages thus causing you in this world to appear as if you have been in a coma, etc.) so I jumped back in. Fuck that! Also, I used my thoughts to lift my arm. In a split second, it lifted and at the time (this was 2014) I had a red aura which was hugging mad close to my body. Needless to say – I learned alot!

One thing I do notice is – there are times where I will just be a ball of spirit energy vs just looking like the ghost form of my physical body. I wonder if it has something to do with what “port” aka chakra you leave out of. When I have left through the sacral chakra – where everything will be colored/tinted orange – it seems like I have more physical form than when I leave through the higher chakras in which I look like pure energy and it seems I don’t see bad shit yet last night I was in the real time zone which is closest to the 3D material world. I used to think leaving through the higher chakras puts you in HIGHER, ASTRAL realms. Guess I was wrong. It could be a combination of factors. Funny too when I left via my sacral chakra – I was sleeping in the parking lot of Assumption College in Worcester, MASS – and when on the other side I saw two ghoulish looking dead dudes: one black and one white who looked like Cletus from the Simpsons here:

Notice he got a tattoo of a snake on his arm = reptilian

…in which the black one had half his head shot off. Another time a fat black girl who seemed like she died young came up to me and had astral sex with me. IT WAS THE BEST SEX I EVER HAD! ASTRAL SEX IS THE BEST! I also recently had astral sex with a bald headed 4D spirit who was white and had a horse dick. Seriously! That shit felt good! I saw it go in me and everything. No I did not feel drained. I also recall him in another episode licking my vagina and drinking the period blood from it. I also wanna mention too seeing a black colored wolf entity in a business suit howling when I left through that chakra.

Also, BE CAREFUL WHEN ASTRAL PROJECTING! YOU CAN GET TRAPPED!!! For instance the other night I had a devious entity that looked like ya boy here:

Appear to me with black eyes – sending me the thought, its intentions of wanting to hold my soul hostage. I woke up and next thing I felt the sensations at the top of my crown which usually indicates my raring to leave my body. I fought! FUCK THAT SHIT!

Stuff like that can happen tho. We got silver strings which connects our bodies to our physical bodies yet you got more advanced beings like aliens that can trap your shit, keep you in a faraday cage as what happened to Kanye West (that clone ain’t him) here:


Also, I know that you can experience fear when feeling those sensations (namely cause you don’t know if it is some spirit trying to do the shit to you as discussed above) but my advice is just go with the flow and leave! Alot of that is the ego trying to use fear to keep you from spiritually evolving. Another point is what I described above is what folks call “sleep paralysis”. Funny when I don’t want shit happening I am able to fight to keep from leaving my body I believe due to a strong soul!

I want to leave you all with a tale of my first full fledged astral experience: I got the sensations I usually experienced at the crown chakra which I felt them in the past but never left cause of fear. But when I did, I was rewarded with an unusual view in which EVRRYTHING was tinted blue. My kitchen light – which I kept on while sleeping – was off and when I looked outside – instead of the apartment building I usually saw – instead I saw a white picket fence which I’ve seen in “dreams” (hence why I feel that dreams ARE the astral) and a beautiful sun-portal thing I sensed on the window. It was magnificient and showed me my ability to go to higher dimensions!

That said, join me for my livestream tomorrow, here 3pm PST time:


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