Jericho 2006 TV Series Reveals U.S. Government Staged Terrorist Attacks To Bring Armageddon

When I attended a sex workers’ rights conference in 2006, a sex worker/ speaker that George W. Bush (The U.S. President at the time) and the U.S. government were planning to bring Armageddon to the planet…

And she was right as revealed by this 2006 tv series (that went defunct ostensibly due to “poor ratings”) “Jericho”:

Nevermind the fact it starred hot Skeet Ulrich:

My mama said he looked like a rat but I think he’s cute!

Let’s look at another picture:

Nigga got weird azz eyez but he cutee!

Alright, let’s talk about the tv series:
Basically it takes place in a post apocalyptic America in which the U.S. government itself as later found out took it upon itself to stage terrorist attacks which they attribute to others (sound familiar)…


Anyways, in these tv series, I noticed some very interesting facts such as what I am about to say below:

One of the cities in this series was named, “New Bern,” a city opposite the title named city if “Jericho.” Now, doesn’t the name, “New Bern,” remind you of something or SOMEONE:

The way the Illuminati works is – for those with ears to hear and eyes to see – they throw out lil context clues – much as serial killers who on the slick proudly boast about the crimes – for the “awake” to follow while most of the “sheeple” stay down.

Why pick “new BERN?” To me, it’s no coincidence that 20 years later – Bernie Sanders aka NEW BERN would be the presidential candidate on the democratic ticket vis a vis with Hillary (really Trump cause no one wanted her) just as “Jericho” competed with NEIGHBORING (JUST AS BERNIE SANDERS WAS ON THE DEMO-RATIC TICKET WITH HILLARY CLINTON) city, “NEW BERN?”

Now, let’s look at more correlations: there is an armamemt company named Jennings and Ralls (I get the feeling the “jennings” name will be for a future senator/ congressman) that is used by the new ASA government to bring about a repressive police state. Now, tho. people have been talking about that for quite some time I wish for you to check out these two astrological charts and follow me…

Also, the fact it is called ravenWOOD as in the biblical, “Wormwood,” is not lost on me, either…

Okay, I can’t find the Natal charts (they are no longer even “” anymore but .dotdash) but it was ACCURATE for a “free natal chart reader” created in 1999 and really predicted alot of things going on now such as gay marriage (by saying there will be “revolutionary changes in marriage and people’s spiritual outlook). It also predicted that for someone born in the ’10s there would be alot of deprivations of people’s freedoms in that person’s adult lifetime meaning MARTIAL LAW, as was conveyed by this series as indicated by the severe police state created by the monitoring/subjugation of Jericho to the newly created “Allied States of America” which was created from the ruins of the U.S.A.

Wormwood was also the asteroid that caused major upheveals in the bible, which you can read here:

I believe that is where the “ravenWOOD” comes from so something involving a “raven” will have alot to do with the catastrophes of that time!

That said, let us look at the meaning of the word, “Jericho.” Jericho is the place where “god” aka THE DEMIURGE told Joshua to “slaughter every man, woman amd child except the sex worker – Rahab (god sure seems fond of hoez) because she housed the spies…”Joshua 6:21-27


Anyways, this is what the elites – who think they are godz themselves – are planning on doing to us!

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