Twitter Capes For White Supremacist @associatedjess

Yes, aside from #pizzagate Twitter is now caping for white supremacist trolls like @associatedjess (formerly @JessDinduNuffin) who said some pretty transphobic, RACIST shit to me, all of which you can see down below:

Note her RACIST screenname, “JessDinduNuffin!”

WHEN I RIGHTFULLY DEFENDED MYSELF BY RESPONDING AND CALLING THAT FAT, MIZZ PIGGY LOOKING LARD ASS A “LANDWHALE” and how a man wants a “WIFE, NOT A WHALE,”(it’s funny white bitches are quick to call us black women “men” and “transgenders” WHEN THEY ARE FAT AND/ OR UGLY AND LOOK LIKE CAVEBEASTS) I get deleted and had my Twitter account locked and ultimately suspended, as can be seen BELOW FOR SAYING THE VERY SAME THINGS SHE SAID!

Here is the evidence down below:

Basically, she did what many “respectful” white women did in the past which is ATTACK YOU THEN PLAY LIKE THEY ARE THE VICTIM! That said…

Here are some more racist ass comments of hers and her buddies:

Now she calling herself, “associated Jess” after I called her out on her racist former name. I guess Twitter told her to change it!

That said, in light of #pizzagate I believe I was kicked off cause this racist bitch (who I found trolling Tariq Nasheed’s twitter) is more than likely a government troll/ shill sent to start shit which could be indicated by one of her tweets stating that she works in an office of ONLY WOMEN! Now this may not seem “diabolical” in and of itself BUT… years ago, in Louisiana, I worked for a small government ran company that had NOTHING BUT WOMEN IN THE OFFICE (it was for stats and regarding getting info on political campaigns! I can’t help but draw correlations between that and this woman who weirdly works in an office full of women. Now, in the past, Twitter would always allow me to appeal a suspension. Now they are making it to where I can not appeal it. I feel strongly this indicates this “Jess” character – who lives in Mississippi based on my research – is more than likely is a government agent. Why would they defend her and not remove offensive tweets that were MORE offensive than mine, but removing ME for responding?

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