Susan Rinderle Linkedin Invite Is An Illuminati Attempt To Try To Recruit Raven Masterson To Become A Lamestream Advocate

Emphasis on the “TRANS” or shall I say “TRANCE” LIKE “TRANCE-FORMATION OF AMERICA” BY FORMER MK ULTRA “PRESIDENTIAL MODEL” CATHY O’BRIEN WHO WROTE THIS BOOK: – which was used in the letter as if to TRANCE-FORM me into something THEY WANT ME TO BE SO I CAN BE USE-ABLE FOR THEIR OWN ENDS!!! AFTER ALLL I BEEN THRU, LIKE HERE: … I told ya these MOTHERFUCKING BASTARDS – THE ILLUMINATI – behind their curtains of minions, they were gonna try to recruit me and this Susan Rinderle person is the latest in those attacks! That said, here is

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