Wakanda Trailer Park Resident Starts Some SHIT With Me

I don’t know what’s wrong with this bitch – you shoulda seen how she acted when sheriff whyte (“gay”) daddy showed up – but trailer park resident and RV ape, gorilla from the mountainz of Wakanda bolted up, lighted up when they showed like they were going to cape (unlike this whyde boi here: http://toplessinla.org/2018/02/20/the-lost-hills-sheriffs-give-white-guy-a-battery-jump-but-threatened-me-with-warrants-when-i-once-asked-for-one/ they didn’t even call search and rescue to hotwire – oops – that bootleg low key stolen car [we all know how niggerz™ low key STEAL rental carz]. Instead – I mean, she got a fucking phone, called her nigga to jump her car) and

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