Meeting A Beautiful SPIRIT

She came RIGHT ON TIME after all the drama… This the light we were talking about: Thank you! Very beautiful, good person! She said that she saw light in me, said that those saying I’m evil, got bad shit around are projecting (that’s my spiritual protection not allowing YOUR evil ass to get in!)! She shed alot if light and positive energy. It’s funny how she even came along… That said I spoke to her about my alcohol addiction, my shadow self. Listen: Advertisements

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Why Spirits Incarnate On This Earth Realm

I did some pondering as to WHY would spirits incarnate on this hellhole while having heaven – literally – in the “afterlife” which is literally the astral. See, in the afterlife, you can create whatever you want: houses, mansions, fast cars – anything you wish. That is because in the astral aka “afterlife” EVERYTHING IS THOUGHT! The less dense it is and the more spiritual it is the more you can conjure things up in a split second and – bam – all your material needs are met! No need to work hard and that is the KEY to what

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