Racist Boston Mike At Malibu Tow Calls Me Nigger Bitch and Tells Me To Get Out

UPDATE: NOW I’M GETTING WEIRD PHONE CALLS… Look at this: All day I’ve been having people circle my car, harass me. That said, awhile back I was a customer of theirs. After writing this, I STARTED GETTING WEIRD PHONE CALLS MEANING THEY DISSEMINATED MY PERSONAL INFO! THEY SENT THIS LIFEGUARD TO COME FUCK WITH ME CAUSE I’M PARKED ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD (SOME OF THEM ARE HOUSELESS TOO): Buy vids here [purchase_link id=”31221″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”] – That lifeguard a fucking druggie! I sense it! I’m seeing meth (it’s this hispanic one who was talking shit while I

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