Is The LA Metro Union Station Being Used For Illuminati Human Sacrifices Along With Occult Symbolism

LOOK at this weird shit that happened when uploading a small vid to youtube (it says “private” as indicated by the locker icon but when you click it on it says, “PUBLIC” as indicated by the “world/globe” icon): SHOWING IT’S “PRIVATE” AFTER LISTING IT: HERE IT IS SHOWING THAT IT’S PUBLIC WHEN YOU CLICK IT: * NOTE THE TIMESTAMPS BEFORE YOU DISMISS WHAT I SAY!!!! HERE THE SMOKING GUN: YOU CAN HEAR “CREAKING” NOISES AS I WALK ON THE SEEMINGLY STABLE CEMENT TILE AT THE LA UNION METRO TRAIN STATION! Buy all three vids here [purchase_link id=”30733″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”]

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