MrE’s aka Mark Oliver Everett’s Channel Exposing Trannies Is A PsyOp

I HATE TO SAY IT, BUT MrE AND MAG UGLY TRUTH MAYBE ON TO SOMETHING: Lookie here: THAT IS A FUCKING FEMALE – FTM!!! STRAIGHT UP FEMALE ALLL DAY EVERYDAY, LOL! Look at these vids here upclose and see how it us trying to be a woMAN: Buy vids here LIKE I AIN’T EVER SEEN ONE! ROYAL. FUCKING. PSYOP!!! As I explain (but more so indepth) in the video, this bs plays off of people’s transphobia, homophobia and gets you focused on IRRELEVANT SHIT like whether some SELL-ebs are fucking trannies: This guy’s channel here mixes alot of LIES with

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