Los Angeles Malibu Sheriffs Tell Me I Got Warrants for Court Cases I ALREADY GOT CONVICTIONS FOR

How crooked is this??? That said, I feel like on a SPIRITUAL TIP THESE BITCHES deliberately do this to THROW ME OFF COURSE so I won’t focus on my inner self and thus, my life mission! They are DIVERSIONARY OBSTACLES MEANT TO THROW ME OFF COURSE! As you can hear in the video, I ALREADY went to court for these – been tried AND convicted – and they mention 4 AND NOT THE SOLE 1 they put on the “cite out” form – so why are they producing “warrants” for shit I HAVE ALREADY BEEN TRIED AND CONVICTED FOR? Here

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Sexual Harassment by LASD or CalTrans Malibu Volunteer Employee

I don’t know WHAT department this lil nigga works for, but I just know he did it! Just this past weekend, I was the victim of sexual harassment. I was the victim of sexual harassment by this lil nigga right here:   Now, before I get into details, I know I may sound “politically incorrect” but I don’t care. I tell the truth as I see it. at the end of the day – as an African American womyn – I come across a lot more violence coming from black men then a little bit when you “reject” them, refuse

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My Encounter with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Being Topless and Female

Here is what happened when I went to the East LA Courthouse while topless: This will be just one of my many videos coming up that highlights discriminattion against topless women for being topless in public and in private entities:

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