Greedy Jew Monique Lukens Trying To Eat Off Of Mitrice Richardson’s Death

EDIT: Now this mofo trying to offer “apologies” WHILE TACITLY ADMITTING THEY EATING OFF THAT GIRL’S DEATH, TALKING ABOUT CREATING HOLIDAYS OFF HER AND HAVING PEOPLE PROMPTED TO HIGH OFFICES = SACRIFICE I bet she made this account, here: LOL EDIT: NOW THIS GREEDY JEW BITCH WANTS TO SUE MY HOMELESS ASS! I mean talk about supporting stereotypes, YOU OVEN MAGNET BITCH! Heil Hitler, hoe! LOL! I swear people get spiritually “sent” to me for a sacrifice, I swear! Something told me to look in my inbox early this morning. Just read this shit (anybody got a problem with

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Anyone Who Wants Me To Return To Youtube Is A Sadistic Asshole

There ain’t no getting around it… ANYONE WHO WANTS ME TO RETURN TO A CYCLE OF LACK OF FREEDOM AND CENSORSHIP THEN FALSE FLAGGING AND ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION OF MY WORK IS AN ABSOLUTE ASSHOLE. Here is why… Youtube is PHASING OUT INDIVIDUAL CREATORS/ CHANNEL BROADCASTERS. At some point in the not too far off future it WILL become YOUTUBE RED and the YOU WILL BE CROSSED OUT: Think about it: They are already DEMONITIZING CREATORS, including ones like Pewdiepie for “controversial shit” EVEN THOUGH people had been talking controversial shit – and getting paid for it, too – such as

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