Kanye West’s Soul Is Being Held Hostage In A Deep Underground Military Base By Aliens In the Astral

While writing this article here… http://toplessinla.org/2018/02/09/susan-rinderle-linkedin-invite-is-an-illuminati-attempt-to-try-to-recruit-raven-masterson-to-become-a-lamestream-advocate/ The revelation came to my mind! THIS Kanye you see here IS CLONED: – You can TELL by the soulless vacant look, STARE and lack of talkativeness that that ain’t Kanye! Even the Hellyweird (pun AGAINST HOLLYWOOD and not the mag itself) Reporter hints at it by saying that the blonde hair indicates the person is now locked and loaded under mind control: While writing the article up above, the following vision/info came to me: “This how they got Kanye (referring to how they TRYING to get me!): I got the sense that Kanye

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